How To Deal With A Meddling Mother


Meddling Mother Generally, it starts when you’re quite young, maybe even 12 or 13 years old. You want to start writing in a diary. Every night you pour all of your thoughts, hopes and dreams into this wonderful little book. Carefully, you use the little key in the lock on the book to make sure that your secrets stay safe. One day, you come home from school to find your mother sitting on the side of your bed deeply engrossed in reading your diary. Horrified, you rush toward her and try to take it away from her. However, she fails to see that she’s done anything wrong. Instead, she wants to discuss in detail this new boy that you like.

The thing you learn from that experience is to either stop keeping diaries or hide them better. Now, though, your mother knows you’re growing up and have desires regarding boys. That only makes her start stalking you like a hawk. Every day while you’re at school, she’s searching through your room to see what she can find.

Dealing With A Meddling Mum

Sadly, enough, this behavior doesn’t stop as you get older and actually start dating guys. In fact, you probably have had to sneak around to meet up with these guys so that your mother didn’t know. As you become old enough to go away to college, she wants you to go to a school nearby and live at home. If you don’t agree to that, she won’t be paying for your college.

It goes on and on. Finally, you meet someone that you really like and fall in love with. You don’t want to take him home to meet your family because you know your mother will interrogate him and won’t like him anyway. However, you know you’ll have to take him home eventually. But don’t do it yet.

While you may be held fast if you want to further your education, there’s no need that you shouldn’t get at least a part time job and start saving your escape money. You need a plan if you’re to remain under this woman’s thumb for any length of time. That plan includes getting a job so that you’ll have some independent income.

The only way you’re ever going to be able to live your own life is to get as far away from your mother as possible. When you meet Mr. Right, you won’t have to worry about her interfering. If things are THAT bad, simply do what you can to

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